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About me

Kathleen L. Hooker was born in South Bend, Indiana and is a graduate in Graphics Technology from Valencia State College (Valencia Community College) in Orlando, FL. Kathleen also is studying (online) at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA in Traditional Illustration. She has always enjoyed the creative process and painted her first oil painting by age 12.  During these early years, she was given a calligraphy kit that inspired her love for hand lettering beautiful words that were creatively produced with pen, ink and paper.


Currently, this St. Augustine local artist shares thoughtful images to enjoy and inspirational words to encourage people to strive for their best potential. Because of her sense of adventurous art exploration, her artwork will frequently reflect combining natural and manufactured found objects with acrylic paint. Recycled items and calligraphic elements may appear in her artwork through a wide variety of media. Kathleen continues to win awards while exercising artistic freedom, but she has never forgotten her basic talent and skill as a calligrapher.