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Artist's Statement
by Kathleen Hooker

Pure Light Design offers a personal glimpse into the artwork of this native Hoosier. I was born in South Bend, Indiana, and, after a number of years and a number of relocations, I hold an Associates Degree in Graphics Technology from Valencia State College in Orlando, FL. I also studied Traditional Illustration (online) at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.


I had an early start into seriously pursuing the creative process by painting my first oil painting at age 12, with my father's guidance.  Additionally, during these early years, I received a calligraphy kit that inspired my love for hand lettering beautiful words that were produced with much delight using pen, paper, and ink.


Now, the Orlando, Florida area suits my creative endeavors quite well. Whether I am painting "en plein air" or in the studio, texture and attention-to-details are characteristics of my style in both realism and abstraction. These thoughtful images, and, at times, perhaps thought-provoking images, are intended to bring enjoyment, encouragement, and inspiration. Because of my sense of adventurous art exploration, the artwork will frequently combine natural and up-cycled found objects with acrylic paint and mediums while engaging in a mixed media presentation. Calligraphic elements may emerge to evoke ideas through a wide variety of materials.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of learning from notable calligraphers and accomplished fine artists. These instructive sessions have inspired me into a role of leadership and sharing. I have served on the board of calligraphy guilds, have taught calligraphy, drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, and mixed media classes. If you are interested in group or private art instruction, contact me with your artistic area(s) of interest and be sure to provide your preferred contact information.

I am also available for customized artwork to serve your interior design needs. I am especially inclined to your thoughts for envisioned artwork that I would be happy to design with you for yourself or as a gift for special friend.

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